There has been a lot of news circulating in the tech world and Microsoft is not far behind in this r. We’ve managed to pick out the good, bad and the ugly that took place with Microsoft last week. In order to keep us up to date with the latest application and gadget inflicted news here is little about everything that happened in Microsoft’s world:

IE9 Platform -Microsoft released IE9 on May 5th and from the first look, it seems that nothing much has changed with IE. You need to check its performance though, super speed and you will love working on it! Not only does it sport new speed, but it also has standards compliance in place. Microsoft is busy with the new standard conformance tests as well as handing out new demos. The new version of the browser uses the same mark up language so that developers are kept at ease. This is particularly needed because every page looks different on different browsers, and keeping the mark-up language the same also ensures that your experience with webpage’s is the same, only faster.

HTML 5 video in IE9 – The IE9 version will now support videos to be played in the browser, however Microsoft says that the new browser is dedicated only to H.264. Not many developers are surprised at the announcement; however this is the first time that Microsoft has given a rationale on why it has decided to support only the H.264 codec for videos. The reason is that the H.264 is widely used as a standard and has both hardware and software support. Most importantly those who still want Flash can still use the codec to play in Flash as well as HTML5. Users who are big supporters of Theora will not be delighted with this bit of news.

Chrome surges, IE market share falls below 60% – It wasn’t long ago when IE ruled the market and had almost 90% of the market shares. However, April seems to have bought in some new changes in the number of people using IE. Firstly the numbers of IE users have dwindled and are now less than 60%. The only one enjoying the competition is Chrome, which is capturing the markets with amusing speed.

Kin’s pricing to hamper adoption –Microsoft‘s Kin 1 and Kin 2 were released on May 13th, their target market is the youth. However it’s pricing is so high that even the young working adults will give a second thought before buying this product. It will be out with a mail-in- rebate a well as a lucrative 2 year contract with Verizon. However it is yet to be seen if their target customers will fall for the Kin or something other that’s affordable.

Windows 7 Phone unlocked – The Windows 7 Phone was finally released but what came along with it was the Windows 7 emulator. You can now unlock the emulator’s hidden capabilities; however, those anticipating the Windows 2010 can check its progress made.