Get to know more about the benefits of upgrading from Microsoft Access 2007 to Microsoft Access 2010

The Microsoft Access 2007 is a database management program included in the Microsoft Office 2007 suite. Microsoft Access 2007 enables the user to create multi-table queries, which help them to make sense of information that they have stored in related tables in your database. When users create a multi-table query, they can join together related information that resides in various tables and make queries that produce logical, efficient and useful results. Ultimately, the user can use multi-table queries to create multi-table reports in Microsoft Access 2007. The latest version, Microsoft Access 2010 is an improvement on Microsoft Access 2007. That version introduced the Microsoft Office ribbon which has since had a mixed reception. The new version of Microsoft Office allows you to customize the ribbon.

Following lines explains the need to upgrade from Access 2007 to Access 2010 and tips to upgrade from Access 2007 to Access 2010.

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Microsoft Access 2007 has access to limited tools through the Microsoft Office button. In Microsoft Access 2010, the Office button is removed and added the backstage view; this has more tools located outside of the document viewing window. There is no support for blogging in Microsoft Office 2007. In Microsoft Office 2010, integration with Windows live writer and the support for multiple blogging platforms like word press and blogger are included. Microsoft Office 2007 has a basic spell checker. According to Microsoft, the spell checker is integrated with the automatic correction in Office 2010.

Need to upgrade

Successive versions of Microsoft Office Access contain new functionalities such as tabbed browsing, pivot tables and pivot charts. To take advantage of these latest features the Office Access database must be in the latest format. Microsoft Office Access provides a conversion tool to upgrade the databases. The database is reformatted to get the standards of the latest version of Microsoft Office Access. Converting Microsoft Office Access 2007 database by using the Microsoft Office Access 2010 will reformat the database to meet the standards of Office Access 2010.


Upgrading from Microsoft Office 2007 to Office 2010 is accomplished by purchasing the new version of the software. To start upgrade, insert your upgrade CD in the computer. If you are using a file on the network, open the upgrade file. Then there appear Microsoft Office 2010 upgrade dialog box. Read and check the terms and click the continue button. Then select the upgrade option, verify the upgraded product on the upgrade tab. Click on the install now option, then the installation progress window appears.