Windows 7 is rapidly becoming the most loved operating system from many a people around the world for the number of functions that it offer on the overall basis. You have an excellent interface, easy to use and handle applications, ample resources for your jobs and security. Windows 7 certainly has all that people long for while it comes to the Operating System Selection. What else will a person want?

The question with how to migrate from one platform to another is perhaps a tricky and a painstaking one. You will certainly need to have something with you that can help you migrate from your previous operating system to the marvelous Windows 7.

Laplink Software

Laplink Software is perhaps the solution to your question; now you can expect to migrate from one operating system to another quite easily. The company has linked up with Windows 7 in this joint venture just to make the job a lot easier for you and the migration be the easiest and the simplest step that you will be required to do. Laplink has recently joined Windows 7 and has plan to include a copy of their simplest software Laplink’s PCmover with every copy of Windows 7 Upgrade Open License that is bought through Ingram Micro. PCmover has many improvements compared to the Windows 7 upgrade itself and is certainly a great venture.

Laplink’s PCmover

The Laplink’s PCmover is short to PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant that helps you to transfer all your applications, files, settings and user accounts from a specific PC to another or even one Windows Environment to another. There are a number of upgrade paths that have more or less the same file structure so you need not to involve applications like this as in Windows Vista Business migrated to Windows 7 Professional will certainly not need any such application as Microsoft Terms them as the “in-place-upgrades”. There might be some issues while moving from any other version of Windows Vista to Windows 7 while there seems to be no support for the Windows XP and no “in-place-upgrades” work here. These upgrades all require to have “custom install” option to be used while upgrading. The custom installation option removes everything from the destination hard disk drive and the users are supposed to transfer their files all by themselves making sure that they take backup before installing the new OS and moving it back to the position post installation. This might be an easy task for a single computer but you will certainly not like this to be the same way when there will be a number of users or machines in your setup.

How does PCmover Work?

PCmover is the software that helps you with the said problem. You will be required to move your data from the active PC to any other place instead of erasing all of it. Then you are going to install the Windows 7 if you have enough free space on the hard disk drive. Once you are done, you can use the PCmover to get all your files and data in the right place. The application can even be used to transfer data of one user from one computer to another with Windows 7 installed. You can save a lot of money by using PCmover that usually accounts for the upgrades. The application is certainly a huge step for Small and Medium Businesses that will help them upgrade to a Windows 7 system using the Move Now feature having a valid licence.