Microsoft has released Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) beta version recently. But it has released this version as testing software only to some sections of the people like IT managers or professional. Microsoft always follows this process of releasing their product in the corporate and information technology sectors first. It releases to the regular people and customers only after testing its products with the experts. Microsoft goes out of this way to find out any complications or problems in the software and improves it before releasing in the market for the customers. It also warns consumers who are downloading the beta verion, as it does not provide new end-user features.

Microsoft Service Packs
Microsoft uses Service Packs to update the windows systems in a big way with hotfixes and security updates and many other features. Service packs are used for the updates of the products which develop after some time. Service packs contain updates to increase reliability of the system, compatibility of a particular program and security of the computer. These updates can be easily downloaded into the system as they are bundled for the convenience of the customer. Unless a product has at least a SP1 release, many people will not like to use it. Service Packs help a lot for security updates and hot fixes of the system. Microsoft always releases its windows operating system with service packs as they help to fix any bugs. Microsoft has recently released the beta version of Windows 7 SP1. But is it worthy for a user to try the beta version of Windows 7 SP1?

Beta version of Windows 7 SP1
Well one may think that SP1 will be released within a short span of time after the release of beta version, but it is not the case with Microsoft which has been proved wrong. Microsoft has declared that the Windows 7 SP1 will be only available in the first half of 2011 and not before that. When compared with Windows 7, there will not be any new features in Windows 7 SP1. So, one might think why should they try the windows 7 sp1 beta version?

If it is used and tested by more people then the more bugs and the fixes can be found. This leads to the release of better version when it finally comes out in the market. If the user has already upgraded and has the updates of all hotfixes and security updates in windows 7, then it is not a worth to try out the beta version of windows 7 SP1 as it has the same features. At best, there might be some Wi-Fi and Bluetooth updates and fixes in the newer beta version. If the user has no idea about the service pack, then there will be no updates in the system and it is worth for those types of users to run the beta version of Windows 7 SP1 as it has many security updates. If an individual is really eager to try out the service pack and its features before the official release, it is worth a try to use the new beta version.