As early as June 2010, there have already been previews of Microsoft’s new release which is the Internet Explorer 9. The newest version of Microsoft’s browser still has yet to use a chrome window layout, opting instead to retain its old layout. It has many improved and key features such as a new JavaScript engine called Chakra – a program that runs in the back parallel to Internet Explorer 9, making it faster than ever; HTML5 – a strong internet code which is probably Internet Explorer 9’s greatest feature that includes SVG support , CSS3, and many other new and exciting features that surpass the previous Internet Explorer 8. Now that it has the most powerful set of codes behind it, Internet Explorer 9 is sure to be better and faster than the present browsers we have.

Designed to be able to access a variety of websites as well as add new and significant programs and applications into the user’s operating system, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is now back on its throne, something that hasn’t happened since the days of the historical web browser rivalry between Internet Explorer and Netscape. But now with the emergence of new and trendier web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera, Internet Explorer had been pushed to the side to make way for these younger browsers. But there has been a recent comparison between the recent versions of Internet Explorer and the prevailing  browsers and have found that in comparison to the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and the latest Webkit Nightly build, Internet Explorer 9 has the highest benchmark in the graph. In spite of this, Internet Explorer 9 is not the fastest of browsers – the new Opera is still faster. But more importantly, before Google Chrome and Opera stepped into the scene, the emergence of Mozilla Firefox had decreased Internet Explorer’s benchmark; now though, is an entirely different story. Internet Explorer 9 has beaten Mozilla Firefox’s latest release and caused a decrease in Firefox’s benchmarks.

With its new different features, especially the JavaScript and HTML5, Internet Explorer 9 will be able to jump ahead of all the other web browsers and become the fastest and safest of web browsers. We have already mentioned Chakra, the new JavaScript engine which runs in the background parallel to Internet Explorer 9, making it faster than ever. This is a big improvement from IE’s previous versions as Microsoft refused to join the java bandwagon, and now they have an amazing and mind-boggling JavaScript engine that will most likely top all the other JavaScript engines out there.

When they finally gave word about the development of the new Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has claimed that this version will be a competitive browser. In order to prove such claims, the newest web browser from Microsoft had been subjected to two tests, the SunSpider and Acid3 tests and passed with flying colors, indicating that it had greatly improved from a=its previous versions. Though it may not be the fastest nor the best web browser in the world, the Internet Explorer 9 is characterized by its determination to compete with the newer browsers.