Interesting piece of news emerged during webcast of Olive-3 company, which took place on 8-th of June. The company announced general availability of webOps TMM, and that it will be powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.

Olive -3 Technologies was established in 2005, and is well known as a provider of “on demand” operation management web based software solutions, oriented at both manufacturers and distributors. The company has earned a “Microsoft Business Solutions partner” status, and now specializes in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP based management software solutions.

WebOps TMM’s (Total Manufacturing Management) main purpose is to help midsized factories reduce manufacturing costs, by full integration of production, maintenance, quality control and storage management processes. To achieve this, some extremely advanced technologies are used in creating the product. These were created for MDA (US Missile Defense Agency), and are in the sphere of AI studies. For example proprietary HNF (Hierarchical Neuro-Fuzzy decision engine) is trying to ease decision process, CDC (Comparative Data Clustering) helps database operations, and FAPI (Fast Approximate Performance Imaging) is boosting visualization of the operations.

By creating webOps TMM, Olive-3 is trying to present a software solution to connect decision makers with creators of the end product, thus integrating the whole manufacturing process. This is achieved by strictly following ISA-95 standard in the development process, and aims at helping the client by aiding its day to day operations.

Company’s business relations with Microsoft were best described by the owner of the company Ali Aksurt saying “Our entire product development and technology commercialization strategy is built upon Microsoft Dynamics AX, because of its flexibility, scalability and security.”If you are a manager in need of full solution, covering all aspects of manufacturing business – webOps TMM is a piece of software to consider.