Few years ago we were talking about many differences about these two giants of the electronic industry, but now, what are the real differences between them? Should we ask this question directly to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? What will be their answer?

Both have a long history in personal computing and business success. However, unlike Apple, Microsoft lacks the brand innovation. It is through the successful marketing strategy of Steve Jobs that has brought Apple back into competition with Microsoft. Through creating viral marketing that advertise, ergonomically designed products, Apples iPhone, Mac Book or even the iPad have shown significant strides.

Apple’s best product in the last few years the iPod, has not only won awards, but their successful strategy has produced about fifty million customers across the world. Is that the real difference? What if Bill Gate’s firm had invented the iPod? How would they sell this product worldwide? What would the Microsoft packaging look like? I’d be very curious to look to such product, but it’s impossible at the moment, so we have to focus on different aspects.

The operating system (OS) is the main difference between the two corporate, as now you can put Windows on your Mac. If you ever try Mac OS, you know what I mean. You did not need a lot of time to understand the real differences. Microsoft and Apple differ on a whole lot of differing aspects which include: market share, stock prices, multitude of products offered, and corporate identity. It is through these distinctive differences that a sharp contrast can be made between the two IT majors.

What makes these giants different at the eyes of the normal people? Microsoft is everywhere, with its fingers in almost every business on the earth. It seems that there is not much in the microprocessor’s world that doesn’t have a fingerprint of Bill Gate’s Microsoft on it. Microsoft components are in almost everything, from music players, to PCs, to the automobiles, with its Sync product. On the other hand, there is Apple that in the ancient times was not a firm who had the plan to ‘conquer worlds’. But now

Apple has a growing number of fans who are eager to  wait for the next product or the next market into which Apple will position itself soon. It is through the insights that I have mentioned above, that the greatest difference between the two major IT corporations can be seen in terms of brand identity, market strategy and the growing number of fans for the products. Let’s see who final eats the larger pie of the market.