Have you worked with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP? If you have then you would have come across its four products namely:

  • GP
  • AX
  • NAV and
  • SL

These Microsoft products have a separate type of solution for its CRM that is also known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. What most of us would have experienced is that the products features are over lapping. In fact try as you might you will not find any logic in the overlapping of features between the products.


Even before Microsoft took over, Axapta (as it is known today) was known as Microsoft AX. However the new named version that was released later by Microsoft was labeled Microsoft Dynamics AX. This product is considered to be one of the best solutions that companies with divisions can work with, especially if they have branches located in different locations, and it is imperative that all of their business best practices and compliance are met without a glitch. What businesses would love about the Microsoft AX is that they can customize it according to their need. Some of the solutions that can be automated with the AX are human resource, finance, web stores, sales, distribution, supply chain management, knowledge managements, balanced scorecard and even business analytics. What more could a business ask for ? There is one more, and greatly used if a company’s division is spread across borders and continents, like multi currency and multilingual abilities.


The other product is GP which is also known as Great Plains. It is a great ERP solution, very adaptable especially in business and market conditions where nothing is constant. It is most preferred and works well for mid sized companies and those business divisions that have large enterprises. Businesses can use it to connect different business process that are most of the time spread across organizations. It has some of the best supply chain management, human resource, accounting applications etc. Not forgetting its integration that you can do with any applications like the biztalk server.com. etc


The NAV is well know for its financial features and again is great for mid sized companies and will help it get all of this finances and business processes in place. It has come great adaptable qualities and you can even get a few add on tool and utilities allowing a lot of customization for working according to the clients needs.


SL was also known as Solomon and is excellent for distribution enterprises and project based companies. It not only helps businesses that have a permanent premise but also those that have divisions spread across the globe. You can easily use its facilities like service call, planning, job cost, lowering material cost etc as well as cut down on any kind of delays so as to satisfy your customers. Company divisions can make use of its transport management, inventory features to streamline any process.

If you are wondering what the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is for then its best to be used for customer service, sales and even marketing. You could make use of its features like opportunity pipeline management, leads, and the data too can be shared across the sales team using any kind of web enabled device. You can even design your work flows to make sure there is no redundancy.