Chatting is one of the most famous hobbies that people are fond of, especially the youth. It is also used in different ways for different perspectives which are all important in their own ways. For instance, chatting is one way of connecting two people who are either far or near from each other. Moreover, in the business aspect, chatting is used for maintaining the communication of online business relationships. This is what makes Windows Live Messenger an important tool for everyone.

Windows Live Messenger has been one of the most excellent and most used messenger tools available in the web. And with the new version out in the net, satisfaction is to be expected from the users and Windows are looking forward for more users after the said launching.

Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 is a mixture of the Windows 7 and social networks that are famous in the whole web. The whole design is not changed but there are some added buttons and options. Some examples are the scroll bars which fade out when the mouse is not pointed in the bars. It appears more elegant this way. Moreover, there is also a toolbar which is multicolored and is responsible for changing your status from time to time. In the new version, notifications are accessible and would disappear once the notifications were seen and granted.

The importance to have an open window is also emphasized with the new version of Windows Live Messenger. For the messenger to work, an open window should be available. This method is also used by the previous version of the messenger. This would guarantee that the taskbar button is able to be seen in the messenger. If the messenger would not be seen, the messenger will not be controlled and used by the users. This problem is solved by the previous version by providing a dummy window which does not interfere with the activities that user is currently doing. However, with the new version, this seems to create a problem for users. Now, it interferes with the alt-tab list of the windows.

Another evident alteration of the new version is its main window. The main window is filled with different social network options. With the previous version, the only available in the main window of the messenger is the list of the contacts. But with the larger main window of the new version, more options are available. The main window is divided into two having the contact in the right side and social network updates on the left side which shows different social updates like status, photos, uploads, comments and so on. But the old version where contacts are the only one that’s viewed could also be used only more effective and creative.

The new version also supports Facebook options like commenting which makes it easier to post comments. Moreover, the Windows Live Photo Gallery is more attractive and user friendly than Facebook’s own gallery. Though there are also some alterations and improvements that are needed to be done, the effort on the new Windows Live Messenger is to be graded as B.