The entrance through which you can access the computer programs, folders and other settings is the Start Menu. A very logical question that might arise in the perspective of the start menu for the users is that why is it associated with the term menu in the firs place. It is termed as Start Menu because it provides a list of options just like the menu card of a restaurant does. Start as usual refers to the opening, as mostly through the start menu new things are opened.

The Function of start menu

The very basic of the functions of start menu has remained the same with Windows 7. These include vital functions as starting programs, opening of commonly used folders, searching for files or folders and programs. In addition to these functions the start menu also adjusts computer settings, gets help from the windows operating system, turns off the computer, and logs off from windows to a different user account. All these essential tasks are performed by the Start Menu.

New Features with Windows 7

There are certain numbers of features that are added to the start menu with Windows 7.These new features have made the start menu all the more effective. In Windows 7 you have far better control over programs, folders and files that appear on the start menu. The start menu unlike the other versions of Windows happens to be like a blank state that can organize and customize to suit your preferences.

A feature of the new version of start menu that deserves mention is the jumplist. Windows 7 has introduced this feature to both the start menu and the taskbar. Jump list is nothing but the list of the recent items such as files, folders and websites that is organized by the program that is used to open them. There is more to jump list because in addition to enabling to open recently used item personal favorite items of the user can also be pinned to the jump list. This would help you to access the regularly used items with greater ease.

Another very notable and interesting feature of Windows 7 is the introduction of libraries to the start menu. In the previous version of windows the managing your files required the organization of files in different folders and subfolders but with Windows 7 things have become all the more easy with the concept of libraries. There are four different libraries (Documents, music, pictures and Videos) but you can even create new libraries if you feel like for other collections.

The search menu had become more improvised and the operation of searching the desired items has become faster with window 7.
These were some of the notable and interesting features of the start menu with windows 7.