When you are using multi-touch computer on windows 7 and you try to start Microsoft rebound then in this case the rebound won’t respond. Also the computer should be running on quad core processor to support this type of working. When we install the Microsoft Touch Pad in windows re bound is also included. In this scenario the rebound won’t respond and you will be in a fix.

Every Microsoft user will get hotfix support from Microsoft itself. This particular hotfix will work only on this problem. It will correct only the damage done by this effect only. This solution has to be applied only to those computers that have the specifications given above and are facing the same problem. By using hotfix you may also have to do some extra testing with your monitor. So only apply the hotfix solution when your computer is badly damaged by it. So in case your problem isn’t severe, Microsoft suggests you to wait till a more appropriate update with the same hotfix solution is updated. This would put your computer at a lesser risk.

In case the hotfix you are looking is downloadable and relevant to your problem then click on the hotfix download available for download section. In case this option is not available, then call up on Microsoft Customer Service department for assistance. They will provide you with appropriate hotfix solution to your problem.

While applying the solution, if there are some additional problems and issues that come up then you will have place individual requests for each of them. While calling an dealing with problems usual call support charges will charged in case of additional problems and issues. You could on the Microsoft website to see the list of all hotfix solutions, support service number and additional issues list.

Also the hotfix solution is available in many different languages. If your language isn’t listed in the list then that particular hotfix isn’t available for that particular language.

For this hotfix solution to be applicable you have to have windows 7 already installed on your PC. For applying this hotfix you do not need to restart your PC. Also changes to your registry details are not required. This hotfix will work on the old registry details that you have when you purchased the PC.

For solving this issue go to Microsoft website and search for that particular hotfix and apply it to your PC.