It has been long since we have seen a successful product from Microsoft’s factory. The recent failures by the company include Mira, Origami and Kin. The problem has become so fierce that Microsoft’s employees are requesting Mr. Bill Gates to rejoin the company and pull it back from shambles.

An Opportunity for Microsoft

The recent debacle by Apple in the form of the  iPad, has brought the company a lot of laurels. Apple is known for its extraordinary marketing tactics. The company tried their best to market the iPad in such a way that users overlook its shortcomings, but alas it did not happen. All the disappointed users voiced their displeasure on the public forums. iPad was good in some cases but poor in most of them, like the extreme delicacy of the product and major connectivity issues because of antenna problems. If the company had admitted in the beginning of having a problem and tried to solve it, this would probably have not happened. The way Apple handled this controversy has hurt their age old image putting them in a place with dishonest companies like Toyota.

However, this event has paved way for Microsoft to come and take away the cake. If Microsoft comes up with a brilliant Windows Tablet, then users will surely forgive it for its failures. But if they get it wrong this time then the company is in for some big trouble.

HP also tried its hand

It seems as if it is very difficult to make a good tablet computer as the industry majors are unsuccessful executing it. Some time back HP had launched its own tablet but it was worse than iPad. Relatively HP’s tablet was heavier in weight, half the battery life with same price. Eventually HP decided to stop the sale of the product and buyout Palm to develop a new technology to stand the competition.

What should Microsoft’s Tablet have?

An ideal tablet computer should have multi-tasking features, PC application support, light in weight, Wi-Fi network access, camera support, Flash support, tethering support, browser choice, a range of different vendors, and perfect hardware. The product should be able to compete with Apple’s iPad in terms of touch performance, price, battery life and simplicity of use.

If Microsoft manages to load its tablet product with all these features then it also has to plan an impeccable marketing plan. Apple had created a sea of interest in iPad through its marketing strategies. Microsoft also should be able to do the same, in order to pull the audience towards the product.

It’s a Do-or-Die for Microsoft

Users worldwide have been pretty patient with Microsoft and its bag of failures but now no more. If Microsoft wastes the opportunity this time, users will think that iPad was much better in comparison to the peers and will start purchasing the same. Microsoft does not have an option to fail; it has to create a PERFECT product this time around.

As far as marketing goes Microsoft’s Kathleen Hall is rightly qualified to undertake an Apple matching marketing campaign.