After the grand success of the widely accepted and well-liked Microsoft’s earlier versions of Office productivity suite among the users, it’s time for Office 2010 package to steal the limelight. Probably because of this we read or hear statements like “There are one billion users for Office 2010”. No doubt, that Microsoft is the market leader in creating customer-friendly applications and employ efficient marketing strategies to reach out to the consumers. However, the statements like above look more of a media hype.

There are chances that this figure was obtained by extrapolating the past trends of the Office suite installations across the PCs all over the world. ComScore a marketing research and analysis organization that performs marketing services to the Internet Business giants has revealed this whopping figure of one billion users in its recent report.

What has ComScore done to arrive at this one billion number?  ComScore via its “ComScore Tech Metrix
“service obtains and monitors inputs from the PC users who willingly share with them the various hardware and software metrics. The hardware data includes PC manufacturer, Processor type and name, OS installed, Disk size and much more.  Obtained software metrics consists of various programs and applications installed, their versions, browser related data, file specifications and the various types of multimedia files etc.,

ComScore has roughly estimated the number of PCs on which office 2010 is installed. There is an absolute possibility that this a misleading figure, because the calculation is not based on number of “Users” but just the number of “Installations”, as a user may have one or more PCs that have the Office 2010 package installed. In addition, this estimation includes the trial versions and pirated versions also. When software Piracy is at all time high across the world, the inclusion of pirated version in the estimate would have easily shot up to one billion. Furthermore, the trial versions installed in the PCs might not have been updated to the original version of the suite by users, which again result in wrong data findings by ComScore.

Finally, when the entire story about the one billion figures came out with exact facts and reasoning, Microsoft officials and ComScore now claim that there are 750 million users of this office suite. Whatever said and done, Microsoft’s office suite is gaining popularity day by day, with its remarkable easy-to-understand-and-work features.