Microsoft has been a leader in the market of software technology for a very long time. The modern world of technology is much dependent on the various types of products of the great company. The company of Microsoft is famous for coming up with products that are extremely user friendly and easy to handle. The products can be used by people from sectors of the society. The company of Microsoft has realised that the age of smart phones and computer tablets have arrived. Thus, the company has started to come up with plans to utilise the market scope correctly. The company has always produced products that are extremely reliable and are known to be durable. There are several surveys which have confirmed that the company of Microsoft has been the first choice for the entire world in terms of software selection. The after sales service of the company has also been a major highlight.

The Microsoft is such a fast flowing company, that the entire world expects the company to do something or the other in every single week. The company is very much aware of the tremendous pressure of expectation that always surrounds the company in a huge way. The company has several expert teams which work on developing new ideas and techniques to meet the high degree of expectation of the entire modern world. It is not for nothing that the company has managed to hold the first place for so many years on a constant basis.

The Microsoft week was completely dominated by the Windows Phone 7 Sales, ARM and Nokia Rumours. It has been guessed that the company has hinted of laying special attention to the Microsoft’s tablet and mobile device strategy in a huge way. It is also been guessed that the company would depend a lot on various chip vendors. The entire week was filled with such rumours. The collaboration between the companies of Microsoft and Nokia has also been a major talking point for the entire world. The entire technological society is expecting a big introduction of a new type of product from the company which has always managed to surprise the entire world. However, that big announcement did not come yet, but there are reports stating that it is in the pipeline. The world can expect to be introduced to a completely new technology which will redefine the word technology. The company of Microsoft is too huge to predict, but it is well understood that something very big is on the cards. The entire world is waiting eagerly and speculating about the probable nature of the new product.

The users can be sure that they would have something big to talk about for a very long time, coming very soon from the company which is preferred by most people in terms of software market. The company has also proved to be a good bet in the hardware domain and tablet market. The company of Microsoft is a company to depend upon.