Microsoft has recently launched a new tool named WikiBhasha which will be used to develop content for Wikipedia in various languages. The name of this tool is inspired by the word  Sanskrit work ‘Bhasha’ which means language in English and it goes perfectly with the use of this tool.

This tool will enable content developers to create content from the beginning into any other language excluding English. There is a very large Wikipedia user and contributor group belonging no non-English speaking region and this tool has come as a boon for these groups.

WikiBhasha tool is also going to help in translation. You can get article in any language and translate it into your desired language. Such facilities makes tools a very useful tools for the Wiki contributors who faced translation and other language content development related problem in past times.

Microsoft is determined to work with Wikipedia Foundation to provide support in content development for Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, and Portugese language.

WikiBhasa tool is browser based and it will only work with Wikipedia websites like Wikipedia main domain, wikileaks, wikiquotes, etc and support for the functionality is provided by Microsoft’s Machine Translation system.

This tool is very simple to use and operate to create content in multi-language. Users can simply add this tool into their web browser and get the maximum use of this tool.

Microsoft has launched the beta version so far but it is sure that the full version will be launched very soon. The development and research process is still on and WikiBhasha will incorporate as many languages as possible.