Windows 7 operating system is getting popularity day by day and has become the most common operating system. The features provided by Windows 7 are very exciting but when the pc is slow it gradually becomes too annoying.
The speed and reliability of the operating system depends on the maintenance, customization of various aspects and the optimization for a better output. Unfortunately a majority of us do not know how to keep the system healthy and in a good condition. A few good practices and regular checkups shall keep your copy of Windows 7 at the high.

Registry Clean Up
The working of different programs in Windows 7 depends on the registry. The registry is so designed that it keeps the track of all the installed programs, their start up, how they function and the file association. With due passage of time, many invalid references develop in the registry which accumulate and cause the pc to run slowly. The best option is to use a registry cleaner or fixer.

Repairing Disk Errors
Disk errors are caused due to the gradual damaging of the sectors in the disk. The disk errors can cause the PC to hang up thus eating away your precious time. The Windows 7 has a built in utility that checks and removes the disk errors. Have a disk error check at regular intervals to keep your PC healthy.

Disk Fragmentation
A fragmented disk is always slow. To defragment the disk many third party software are available. Defragmenting the disk not only corrects the structural errors but also keeps the drives in healthy condition and thus the performance of Windows 7 increases.

Cleaning up of the Desktop
While the start up is done, the desktop features are the most time taking ones to load. Therefore the more the files you keep on the desktop the more is the processing time. The wisest thing is to keep the desktop features as minimalistic as possible.

Uninstalling the Unused Programs
A recent survey of the leading PC magazine show that we generally tend to use only five percent of the programs we install. The rest of it is rarely or sometimes never used. A lot programs results into a big number of processes and thus eat up the CPU usage and thus rendering the PC slow. Therefore keep only those programs installed which are required on a daily basis.

A Good Antivirus
Viruses, Trojans and worms are those malicious codes which are deliberately there to destruct and slow down the pc. A good antivirus is highly recommended in such cases. Just installing an antivirus is not enough; one has to update it on a regular basis in order to protect the pc from the latest threats.
Sometimes a hardware update also works wonders such as adding more RAM. With the help of the above tips, the speed of the pc can be considerably increased up to 75%.
If you are smart enough to use such functionalities with proper care, you can definitely make your system intact from any issues.