Windows 7 redefined the grounds of Operating Systems by the time that it was made available on the market last October 22, 2009. An Operating System intelligently designed by Microsoft, Windows 7 is an operating system made of style, comfort, and stability.

What’s different about Windows 7

Windows 7 comes to inherit the wonderful interface of Windows Vista giving full, easy, interactive, and a highly accessible environment to computer users and had definitely got rid of all the crappy bugs and lag problems of computer users which was probably the biggest downfall for Windows Vista, and on the other hand Windows 7 was able to re-instate the stability and simplicity of Windows XP, an attribute that was mostly and widely loved by computer owners since stability is a must for every computer unit.

Reports show that computer users who have used Windows XP and Windows Vista agrees that Windows 7 is a little bit like both but had definitely surpassed XP’s and Vista’s limitations on stability and interactive user graphic interface.

Windows 7 had successfully integrated both ends and got rid of both their cons and had absolutely turned it into pros!

Reasons for Windows 7 Success

Computer users suggest that the fast-selling of these Windows 7 Licenses are because of:

  1. Windows 7 is easier on the eyes of the users, with its widgets available on the desktop displaying the clock, things to do, notes, etc.
  2. Windows 7 places the things you need most to where you need them to be.
  3. Windows 7 has a more organized route of notification through its action center, thus pop-up pages during busy hours are finally gone.
  4. And, lastly, Windows 7 gives them a better and more control on your devices because Windows 7 centralizes the control of all devices in the device stage.

All these wonderful features of ease and security have come to draw more than just homeowners or computer geeks into upgrading their operating systems, even business customers have come to join the glorious time of upgrading from Windows XP. An anticipated 75% of business costumers of Microsoft are upgrading to Windows 7 and skipping Windows Vista for their organizations.

After about 248 days from its release on the Market, Windows 7 has now become the fastest selling Operating System ever recorded in history. Marketing Analysts say that around seven copies of Windows 7 Licenses are sold in every second and that Windows 7 has finally reached an enormous sale of about 150 million US Dollars from date of release up to today. With Windows 7’s remarkable performance and the promising projections of sold Windows 7 licenses, Microsoft is expected to announce 200 million US Dollars sales by the end of 2010.

This remarkable new breed of operating system from Microsoft plus the unbelievably high sales of Windows 7 Licenses prove that Microsoft has successfully redeemed itself from the shame of the failure of Microsoft Vista by producing a highly stable and user friendly graphic user interface with a touch of art and creativity and that is the Windows 7.