Windows 7 has actually gathered the most positive feedback from the large corporations. They are impressed and are actually ready to go in business with them. Now, it is not only the large corporations that have been impressed. The small businesses also have seen most of the practical features of the Windows 7.

There was a survey that included the medium sized business that has less than a thousand employees. The survey which was conducted only included those that handles IT sections or those that have the decision as to the kind of software or PC that would be purchased for the company. This was conducted in April by the NDP Group.

Advantages for Small Businesses

Small and medium sized companies are making the move to upgrade their PC hard wares. Actually, they are more willing to do such today as compared to how willing they are in 2009. Of all the participants, there is 77 per cent that would be able to do this. This is not only good news for Windows 7 but is also showing promising growths for the different companies.

This move by the small and medium sized companies are probably mainly due to having a better business result as well as the increased number of employees. The increase in the number of employees was actually seen from 40 per cent of the surveyed businesses. Thus, this is not only system upgrade but would also mean new hardware. This is good news that still asserts that the economy still has the small and medium businesses as the backbone of the economy.

Still, there is a remaining 23 per cent that is not as optimistic on the business’ future. Some of them are tight in the business that they cannot afford to upgrade their systems just yet. In fact, the 23 per cent of the small and medium business are only looking forward to cutting some expenditures of the company. Of such, 38 per cent states that the reduction is due to budget cuts while 18 per cent are looking worse at cutting some available jobs.

Another important aspect of the survey includes the demographics of the survey. The participants that have more than 200 employees are going for upgrading their system in a long-term basis. The systems upgrades towards Windows 7, this would show that the businesses are gearing up for a good growth projected by the business.

However, there are only 65 per cent of businesses with 50 or less than 50 employees are gearing up on such. Still, this is not a very alarming rate because the mentioned businesses have leveled out since 75 per cent of them have just recently upgraded the system.

This survey shows that Windows 7 is already banking a good image from individuals, to small and medium businesses as well as the large corporations. It looks like the system is already facing the bright future with the kind of reception it is receiving from the market. Thus, the Windows 7 company would only need to rid all systems with XP in the near future fast.