When we talk of development, we mean to embrace the new and say good bye to the old. There are a lot of new and improved technologies that are being discovered each day and people are finding new and improved means to stay in touch with the latest technical innovations. In the recent times we have seen that people have been very particular and choosy regarding the aspects of the OS and they have really been of great use to the people.

The operating system (OS) is system software which plays an important part in the functioning of a computer. To start with, the MS DOS was embraced by all, but with time and many more innovations, people began to realize that it does not serve the entire purpose and then came in the Windows XP operating system which is now regarded as one of the best OS.

There was an updated version of the Windows XP operating system as well, Windows Vista, but this particular OS did not become very popular. In the present scenario, we see that the need for a faster and efficient OS is indeed very necessary and there are efforts that are being made in order to address issues as efficiently as possible. After Windows Vista, Microsoft launched Windows 7. This is the latest operating system and comes with several advanced features that enable faster computer processing and multitasking.