Parental control is an excellent feature integrated in both Windows Vista and then later in Windows 7 as well that gives you the option to control the way you kids use the computer. You will certainly not want that your kid be exposed to all the different dangerous content in the games as well as on the internet. You can set time limits, define the nature of games  you kid can play as well as many other similar stuff that ensures that your kid is following healthy habits while he is on the computer.

Applying Parental Control:

You need to have a password protected administrator account in order to make sure that you can apply parental controls on another standard account.  You can create a standard account in case you do not have any already. Once you have made the standard account, you will be see the option of turning on the Parental control in the user management window. This is going to make you able to enforce the parental control settings on the standard users on your computer. You will have the freedom to control the activity and watch a report at the same time that will let you know of your child’s activity on the computer.

Configure Parental Control:

Once you turn on the parental controls, you will have to configure them accordingly in order to enforce strict check on your children while they use the computer. There are a number of components that can help you monitor all this. You will have absolute control over your children’s experience on the computer while they will have a healthy environment at the same time.

Time Limit:

Time limit is the first of the components of Windows 7 Parental controls that lets you decide the number of hours your kids can spend on the computer. You will have the option to control the time duration that your children can use the computer. This duration will be the only time span that you child can log on to the system and will be logged off automatically once the duration expires. You can highlight the hours on a grid in order to monitor the schedule. Different schedules can be set up for different days so that they have better experiences over the weekends.


There are a number of games available with random ratings that can be dangerous for your kids at certain times. You can control the type of games that you child can play through this menu. The game ratings can be monitored and you will have the option to select the top ranking that you entitle you child to play. You can even specify if you want to allow unrated games on your computer or not. You can even have the option to allow or block the access of your child to a certain game on the computer.

Allow or block programs:

This feature sets you as the moderator to make sure that the programs that your children use are beneficial for them and do not harm your working. You can opt for the option that states that Child can only use the program I allow. And then select all the programs that you want your child to use while uncheck the ones that you don’t wish to allow your child to use.

You can then press OK once you are done with all the settings and the parental controls will be enforced on your computer ensuring better experiences.