Microsoft has once again decided to play the big brother by making Bing the only search engine for Windows 7 phone. Shedding more light on the feature of Windows 7 mobile, Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Microsoft mentioned that the search engine would be integrated with the OS and it will be difficult to change it without some risk of the OS crashing.

Features of Windows 7 mobile

The latest t edition of mobiles with Windows OS will feature gaming section that allows casual games to be played free via Bing’s page. It will also feature a Video Games section that will provide cheats and walk through for console and PC games such as Red Dead Redemption and the TV section offering full-length episodes from over 1,500 shows.

The Bing for phones will also feature the ability of smart search. Just typing in the name of an artist or band will return lyrics, photos, videos and streaming songs via Microsoft’s Zune service.

No Alternatives

There will be no alternative search in Windows 7. According to sources from Microsoft, the search engine is integrated with the OS and it would be nearly impossible to change the default search engine. Microsoft also clarified that other companies can make search apps for windows based phones, but the primary search engine would remain Bing.

It kind of bucks the trend of other industry players, you can choose your search engine in iPhone and android has allowed OEM to change the default search engine

Bing has been growing rapidly in the one year+ that it’s been around and Windows Phone 7-Bing requirement is another attempt by Microsoft to increase Bing’s presence.

Mixed reactions

Some sections of the users have been very critical about this move of Microsoft. They say that is another attempt by Windows to shoo away smaller players and competitors from the market. They all point to Microsoft and real networks and all the antitrust suits against Microsoft. They are also uncomfortable of the fact that buying a windows phone would necessitate them to work on the default search engine which many are clearly uncomfortable about.

Though this surprising move from Microsoft has not gone down well with many, quite a few people seem to OK with it. One reader shared that this thought that Bing is a good search engine and with time it will only get better. Anyways too many search engines crowd the phone, he said.

It is hard to say at the moment how the reactions to this move of Microsoft shape up. It will depend a lot on the performance of the new Windows 7 mobile OS, and the overall performance of the Bing search engine. If the search engine fails then it will leave users feeling “pitched”.

But Microsoft has a record for turning in worthy products and I think Bing will live up to the expectations this time as well.