It is about to be launched in October. It is one of the most advanced operating systems for cell phones to be launched in the market.

In accordance to the Microsoft officials the advanced features and techniques present in this version of Windows 7 operating system are not present in any other mobile phone operating system. The time for its release is just a rough estimation of how much time Microsoft requires to release it finally. The exact date of its release is yet to be finalized by the company officials.

As it is one of the great benchmark in the field of cell phone operating system ,the operating system is one of the most awaited ones and may be available in the markets around October.

The launch of this operating system is also one of the few big steps that Microsoft has taken since 2004, when any of the operating systems for mobile phones were just too much, but with the advancement in mobile technology. And other software used for cell phones the older operating system was kind of outdated and generated many problems for new technology so finally Microsoft decided to introduce new operating system, the Windows 7 for generation next mobile phones. This operating system is considered more advanced and the earlier versions of operating system were less powerful and complex in comparison to this about to be released new version .

So far Microsoft is known for its commitment as well as work and advancement in technology. Microsoft has committed about this version of the operating system also and people are hoping it to be one of the handy operating systems with less simpler requirements and less complicated to use, so that every common man can use it. But even in the past it has happened that the eagerly awaited products have not been up to the mark and expectations of the people and thus were trashed out from the IT market. So, users are hoping that everything just goes fine with this edition of the Microsoft operating system and it just functions fine. Nothing can be still said about them as none of the details has been made public till date. In case of operating systems its creativity and other things are valued only in case it provides the best of services and facilities to the users and can prove itself according to its cost value.

Microsoft officials also added about the marketing, support services and learning part of the operating system is equally important with the use of it .

The launching of the operating system is full of stories regarding its usage advancement features and most importantly its launching date. The Company is also very much concerned about its customers.