It has been exactly a year and a few days since the Windows 7 was released in July 2009. The Operating System has come up with some of the very exciting features just to make sure that the users out there are not feeling the same issues as Windows Vista gave. Microsoft has released the first beta Service Pack for Windows 7 to enhance user experience and update the files accordingly. The Service Pack was being watched by many a people around the world. The Service Pack was expected to be launched in the last half of 2010. Microsoft has recently launched a documentation that states the Windows Service Pack to be launched in the first half of year 2011.

A Glimpse of the Documentation Released

The documentation came up with a very few details about the operating system. The first part was with the release date of the Operating system that is the first half of year 2011. You can even expect the service pack to come earlier as Microsoft always give dates quite ahead of time and the delivery usually takes place earlier. The target audience for the Service pack is IT professionals and developers who need to have their experiences enhanced so that the overall organizations work better. The Service pack is going to be available for 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. Anyone who has been updating their system constantly need not to install the Service Pack 1 as is constitutes of all the updates that have been available through the timeline since the operating system  has been released.

Even Microsoft has come up with a clear statement that user who has been using Windows 7 update feature need not to install the service pack as it does not contain any update that was not available for those who were constantly updating their Windows online through the Automatic Update.

Service Pack 1

The service pack 1 is certainly a great help to people around the world who had been planning to upgrade their systems to the new operating system. Now they can expect to install Windows 7 along with the Service Pack 1 to make sure that they have all the updates accumulated on their computer and ultimately have a platform that is free from all errors and updated. There seems to be no update in the Windows 7 upgrade while there can be a possibility of getting two virtualization modes available in the Windows Server 2008.

The company terms the Service Pack to be more filled with enhancements compared to features. There have been some of the enhancements that were not available through the automatic update. The HDMI audio device support and the XPS printing fixes are some of the enhancements that are being included in the service pack.

The official statements certainly consist of some of the excellent enhancements. This will make sure that your Windows Experience is a fine one with some of excellent enhancements. The users who have been using Windows Update feature need not to use the service pack rather the target audience is people who wish to update their operating system to the Updated version of Windows 7.