Software updates are must for any software usability and functionality. Updates always come after a problem is found on software or it sometimes comes with better options to use particular software. Microsoft has always been aware about this fact and been launching software updates regularly for its users. Windows Service Pack1 and Windows Server 208 R2 are the ones in the same series.

Windows 7 Service pack1 and Windows server 2008 R2 ‘s service pack are available for free  on the net. Due to lack or loose security the company was already expecting this to happen so there was no shocking thing in it for them . Thus these are available to the users openly on world wide web before its official launch. Users can download Windows 7 service pack 1 beta without paying any cost for it from most of the torrents site or shared links on the web.

The Windows 7 Service Pack 1 beta’s testing started some days back from where it got leaked with the help of some anti or illegal  authorization or distribution.


The officials said that company has problem with the leakage of this Service Pack and its illegal download for upgradation and other purposes but it is not the only risky thing related with  process. There are many other risks like the authorities and persons involve in this process might  resume some viruses that can affect many LANs and domains and could have much more drastic effects than people can imagine. These viruses are also threat to the many important databases and records as they can be used for destroying and stealing the data by entering into the computer through the web.

While downloading the illegal version of the Windows 7 Service pack 1 Beta made on   7601. 16562 . 100603 -1800 ,there are three files that will first come up to your notification for this version of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 beta .

The files are:

1. windows 6. 1- KB976932 –x86 – INTL.exe for 32 bit  x86 Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

2. windows 6.1-KB976932- X64  – INTL.exe for 64 bit x64 Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

3. windows6. 1-KB976932- ia64 – INTL .exe for Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 IA64.

Rectifying the Loss

The Microsoft official  added that even after the leakage they are releasing the original version of  the Service Packs in the market. They will be available to the customers  in the IT market from July 2010.

So customers, who want the ethical and other customer support services from Microsoft in future, should go for original products. It will also pay for the losses and productivity level image of hard working developers who worked out for this project.  As the quality level software are much safe and ought to be served in case of problem persistence, they should be preferred. So customers should not loose their patience and wait for the original version of the Service Pack 1 to be released by the Microsoft officially .The customers can download the original version after its official release in July 2010.