During the Worldwide Partner Conference on 12th July 2010, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer, previewed the new Windows 7-based tablet prototypes. To match the competition between Windows and Apple, the new Windows 7 tablet prototypes are equally packed with some irresistible goodies and have sometime to offer even if you are a student or a business professional.

Tablet frenzy

Soon after Apply Inc’s iPad hit the market, it has been tablet frenzy by all computer manufactures, Dell, who announced their new Streak Tablet in May this year; Asus, HP, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba and other computer manufactures who will bringing out their own tablet prototypes in the near future with Windows 7 platform. HP, who was supposed to release a new tablet named Slater, dropped the plan; however along with Dell, Asus showed off their new tablets with Windows platform during this year’s technology show Computex. Microsoft CEO Ballmer promised there would be more tablet prototypes with Windows 7 platform revealed very quickly, during the Worldwide Partner Conference.

Improvements in tablet PC

Several enhancements have been introduced with Windows 7 tablet prototypes. Windows 7 tablet prototypes will be available with only Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions. One of the key features in the Windows 7 tablet prototype is the new Math Input Panel recognition, which can recognize your handwritten math expressions; it can be useful if you are a maths algebra student or a mathematician or simple a maths teacher. Once the tool recognises your equation it can automatically update the information into the Microsoft Word Processor or even to any computational program that you might have downloaded on your tablet PC. The highlight of the Windows 7 tablet prototype is the multitouch capabilities (provided you have supporting hardware). The power of touch screen helps eliminates the use of pen and by just using your fingertips to click, scroll, and work with pictures and input data with touch screen keyboards. If you are used to iPad and iPhone, the Windows 7 also provide you similar opens like expanding photos, rotating pictures etc.

Mightier Pen

Well why would someone choose to have tablet PC over laptops or desktop computer, the answer is simple to be both keyboard and mouse free. Windows 7 understands this and offers a faster and more accurate handwriting recognition tool; with support of various languages, especially East Asian languages (comes with the Windows 7 Ultimate edition). To recognise a particular foreign language you would need to install specific handwriting recogniser for your language script from the language pack available from Microsoft website under Windows update. If you are a medical or technical student or professional, the personalized custom dictionaries can also understand specialized vocabulary, with high text prediction speeds the whole handwritten input process makes note taking a complete breeze.

In time to create enough buzz, users who are not used to Apple software need not wait long when Windows 7 tablet Prototypes will be readily available for on favourite Windows Personnel Computer manufacturer.