Even though much of Microsoft’s spotlight at its partner conference in the capital, majority of its product announcement was on on-premises software with the likes of Windows OS and Windows Servers. On day one of its Annual Partners Conference, the software giant was scheduled to illustrate among other things, the beta of Service pack 1. This was for both Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server R2. There are no major updates for Windows 7; just minor detail made up of previous bug fixes and other minor tweaks. On the Server’s side, added features are around visualization. Earlier in the month of June, Microsoft had said that it would release the beta versions of the service packs this month (July).

Small Business Servers Updated

Still at the conference, Microsoft displayed earlier versions of two servers which were aimed entirely at small businesses. One among the pair, code named the Small Business Server 7, is an update to the subsistent Small Business Server product. This was a combination of Exchange Server and Windows Server and various other products put together into a single server software bundle. The second product, having the code-name Aurora, is intended to lend a hand to small businesses to balance work between their cloud-based services and their own hardware. It will also allow businesses with up to 25 PCs to carry out file-and-print server tasks locally and at the same time link to Microsoft online services for services such as e-mail and portal software. Microsoft has otherwise declined to state the exact date to expect the final versions of either product.

CRM 2011

Microsoft gave detailed plans for an upcoming version of its Customer Relationship Management software, running locally and be will be available only in hosted form. An online version of Microsoft’s CRM 2011 has also been stated for release this coming September. This will be followed by the release of a software only product. The extensive use of Ribbon interface within outlook is just one of the new features expected. The addition of a Dynamic Marketplace from Microsoft is aimed at helping draw attention to a range of third party services.

In the mean time, Microsoft is in the discussion process of an Azure appliance. This will allow large customers and partners run Microsoft’s cloud-based operating system around their personal data centres.

Microsoft’s market expansion.

Microsoft announced its intention to expand availability of the online service version to eight more markets by the end of the year 2010. This will bring the total figure of its country Markets in which the hosted service is available to 40. The new countries are: Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Chile, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil and Australia.

About Windows 7

As the latest in the line of operating systems from Microsoft, Windows 7 opens new opportunity in the field of development, sales and services opportunity for your business. With Windows Server 2008 R2 Service pack 1 (SP1) beta and Windows 7, it is easy to organise a set of updates. Visualization updates are also included. Users of Windows 2000, XP Server 2003 and Vista with Internet explorer 6 or later are being given a chance to give the Windows 7 a test drive absolutely free within their browser.