In the latest rumour regarding Microsoft it has been discovered that the company plans to launch the eighth version of windows somewhere around 2012, it is being viewed as an effort to keep windows in competition with the increasing rivalry in market. Apart from the promotional slides that have been sent to Pc manufacturers some more slides have been leaked that give a peep into the basic concept of windows 8. Apart from the additional features, windows will allegedly be following Apple’s premium experience like service. The Vole is expected to have learnt a lesson from its fiasco with Windows Vista.

Slides regarding windows 8 concept leaked

Rumour has it that Microsoft is now ready to move on from Windows 7 to windows 8. This news has been confirmed by some leaked slides that show Microsoft’s vision for Windows 8. Windows 7 was seen as a huge improvement after the disaster called Windows vista. With Apple’s increasing share in the PC market, Google’s chrome operating system on its haunches to take flight and Linux’s consistently improving performance, the Vole has to be acutely aware of the vulture circle above it closing in with increasing speed. With this kind of competition, it is no wonder that Microsoft has been trying hard to publicise its plans for Window’s next version through promotional slides that have been circulated among PC manufacturers.

Microsoft to follow Apple

Apparently it is slated to come up sometime in the year 2012 but keeping mind the fact that we are talking Microsoft here lets not take that too seriously now should we? Talking of the slides that have leaked, they aren’t too stirring for the mind in fact the least we can say is that they are a bit underwhelming. The slides do not provide any technical detail, but even then its contents cannot be called revolutionary or delightful in any way. Sources say that the Vole is aware of Apple’s ability to soak up money their offer of a premium experience.  Just like apple’s App store and Google’s Android Market, Windows plans a Window’s Store. This in combination with a ‘Windows Reset’ function will enable users to format their hard drives when the inevitable time comes for Windows to be re-installed making it unnecessary for users to re-purchase their applications.

What else can we expect in windows 8?

There are other features too like re-jigged user credentials, increasing utility of webcams, and more speedy boot times. Apart from that it will also provide support for the gesture recognition system originally introduced for the Xbox 360-Kinect, bringing minority report kind of user interaction a step closer.  Initially the slides were circulated in the month of April 2010 so it is more likely than not for things to have progressed since then. The vole at this stage seems to have learnt a lesson after taking too much on its platter with Windows Vista, for windows 8 similar to windows 7 looks like it is just going to be an evolutionary link in the story of windows.