Windows has been a standard operating system for computer systemsfor over two decades now. Versions have been created to go up-to-par with the progressing needs of the clientele. It has proved to be useful and beneficial, with the most consumers all over the world using only Microsoft Windows as an Operating System. The most recent version was Windows 7 that was released from manufacturing in July 22, 2009, and reached general availability in October 22, 2009.

Windows 7

Just like every operating system that was released, Windows 7  is now experiencing a wide array of complaints (which Vista, the recent version, got a lot). The complaints start from application compatibility and system errors upon installation. But the most disturbing right now is the Windows 7 back-up.

A thread for comments and reactions for Windows was established upon manufacturing release, and it has been flooded with issues regarding the back-up system. A patron, John Hell, posted on 23rd of April last year about his dilemma. This is regarding his backing up of 900 GB worth of files with his quad-core PC with 7 GB of RAM (I’ll tell you guys, that’s strong). The long list of complaints keeps on getting longer as weeks drag on, with the same problem as before, ranging from every system set-up and hardware you can imagine.Microsoft spokesperson, SriramB, replied to the queries regarding back-up issues. Initially, his reply regarding every post in the Microsoft website thread is very general. Not tackling any technical terms, just a heed of customer service and a hint of sympathy regarding the inconvenience that the customers are having.

After quite some time and the posts get furious, he replies with a more elaborate explanation about the difference in speeds of full system back-ups and image back-ups. It makes sense in a way, because full backups really take time because boot and system volumes are also copied, especially in programs and installed items, versus the backups made for just movies and images.

Problems of Backup

But, still, a bulk of image backups will not take a long time, like the time span that was reported on the said thread. It is still unclear if this is a glitch/flaw that could be mended with a simple patch or update, or a constant on the operating system’s programming.

Really, I am a Windows user. I have been using Windows XP for quite some time now, adamant to change because of its reliability. After quite some time I thought of upgrading to Windows 7 for a change and with all the excitement from my fellow users (and puns from the critics as well).

But, with this news, I’m having second thoughts. I manage a lot of files, I mean A LOT of files. I have e-books, pictures, videos and movies in my computer. Not to mention the games and other things that I have in here. They are precious.

Back-ups are really indispensable for me. I just hope that they can perfect it just like what they did with Vista (which took time, a really long time). I’m still eager for the best. After all, every new application and operating system has its flaws. Flaws are always meant to be fixed.

And I still want to get that upgrade.