The largest software company of the world, Microsoft unveiled the beta version of new Windows Home server ‘Vail’ on the last month. Microsoft promises the security, privacy and flexibility by the product with well-offered network connectivity.

The main Features:

Microsoft announced four primary features which will enlarge the MS market in Home server system and give the utmost comfort to the users.

  1. External streaming: The users will get a opportunity to stream the video and music outside the home network with the help of internet.
  2. More storage: more files and back ups could be stored with the new system and restoration can be carried on multiple PCs.
  3. Comfortable setup: the setup technique will be more user friendly and flexible. Any change can be done without following any rigorous process.
  4. Personalized add-ins:  Users will be able to create new add-ins and services with the help of Software development Kit (SDK) which will be added with the beta version.

Windows Home Server will provide file sharing, media streaming, network backups, remote access, and more service related benefits for home to home and home office users.


  1. Only 64-bit: Vail is compatible in 64-bit windows. The PCs using 32-bit system will not be allowed to run this Windows Home server system.
  2. File removal problem: Microsoft strongly recommend installing this server system in a secondary PC instead of main PC. Because the total data in the PC should be removed to complete the installation. In fact it’s the greatest drawback of the MS Windows Home server.

Required accessory configuration:

The home server needs these minimum accessory requirements:

  • 1.4GHz x64 processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 160GB of disk space
  • NTFS file system

Required network configuration:

1. PC must be connected to a router via network cable.

2. It is recommended to use UPnPTM certified router.

3. 192.168.x.x subnet is recommended.

The WHS can help small business organizations accordingly:

  1. Backup business documents.
  2. Remote access to files and data.
  3. Rapid and quick restore technique.
  4. Secure business documents.
  5. Control panel for storing and finding business documents.
  6. Sign up and sign in options for different users.
  7. Printing network.

The home server of MS is already listed as a trusted name to the users. MS thinks the security, storage capacity and speed as the major challenge. “In the forthcoming days the WHS full version will be released with more perfect and unique feature”, said a Microsoft official. With that vision they released the beta version and is looking for the review or opinion from the people.