Microsoft has integrated Windows Live Messenger with Facebook chat. Recently, Microsoft declared on a blog post that nearly eighteen million people have been connected with Facebook chat through Windows Live Messenger. These people have now accumulated more than 2.8 billion minutes of Facebook chat. Microsoft briefed that four hundred forty million sessions of chatting between Facebook and Windows Live Messenger users has taken place within six months.

Microsoft was the first provider of instant messaging to permit its users for chatting with friends in Facebook from the platform of a third party with the help of introducing the feature in the month of August 2010. Later after three months, Windows Live Messenger app for Facebook presently possesses more than fifteen million active users. As per the third party app service tracking firm AppData, there are nearly thirteen million daily users, making it the number three top app in the social network after FarmVille and CityVille. Microsoft does not serve Facebook users only. The company declared also that connection between LinkedIn and Windows Live Messenger became two-fold after the last updating of the platform when YouTube and MySpace connections have multiplied by approximately fifty percent.

Windows Live Messenger is readying for the Facebook enabled chat in more countries, making the utility available to over than seventy five million users across the world. Microsoft is expecting that this new opportunity will enable their Facebook to Windows Live Messenger chatting figures to grow more rapidly. It is claimed in the company’s blog of Seattle area that about eighteen million people have altogether made over than 2.8 billion minutes of Facebook chatting. However, there is no mention in the post whether this figure is a cumulative number. For the integration of Windows Live Messenger with Facebook, one should first download the latest version of chat software from Microsoft. Then click on the blue colored button for synchronizing with Facebook so that one may chat with friends on Facebook, irrespective of whether one is using Windows Live Messenger. Yahoo! is also integrating Facebook chatting in its recent upgrades so that they do not remain left behind.