Microsoft’s week mainly revolved around its Worldwide Partner Conference popularly known as Microsoft’s WPC, which was conducted in Washington D.C. between 11 to 15th of July. The Worldwide Partner Conference is a meeting which is conducted annually by the Microsoft. This conference acts as a platform for the partners to meet with one another and also with the staff of Microsoft giving them a chance to share their ideas mutually and advance technically. It helps them to learn about all the latest programs, strategies, and developments in the technologies of Microsoft .It uses WPC as a platform for a number of announcements about their future products and introduces them to their partners and thus to the world.

Cloud operating systems
In the just concluded WPC in the year 2010, Windows phone 7 and Cloud dominated the whole conference. Microsoft announced the Windows Azure platform application called Cloud which is a type of operating system and described it as the first turn-key cloud services platform. Windows Azure is a cloud services operating system that assists the Windows Azure platform with features like development, service hosting and management environment. Cloud operating systems help the users to install, mount and manage all the web applications on the internet through the datacenters of Microsoft. Cloud is a flexible operating system which supports the multiple language features and can combine with all the existing environment. Users can take the help of their installed Microsoft Visual Studio software to build applications and services on the cloud platform. These clouds are generally hosted off-site, but the ones used on the Windows Azure platform applications can be hosted on-premise. These are called as private clouds by Microsoft.

Features of Windows phone 7
WPC 2010 was also dominated by windows phone 7 by Microsoft. Microsoft hopes that the release of windows phone 7 helps it to compete more with the companies in the mobile sector and mostly with Google Android and Apple iphone. They want to give the best experience to their users and hope it would be a user friendly device which can manage with solutions of information technology. Windows phone 7 works great with all web based applications without any defects and gives the user a pleasant experience. All the rich applications and 3D games can be developed with the help of Silverlight and XMA in windows phone 7. The features of this phone which serves the users include a Microsoft Location Service which helps it to get the information about the location with respect to single point of reference, Microsoft Notification Service which gives the information with regular updates to the device, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express and many more.
With its attention in the mobile device segment, windows phone 7 and the cloud, Microsoft also announced in the worldwide partner conference 2010 that it is also determined to make a strategy to get more rich partners and also some devices which are able to work even without any connection to the Web. Rich partners help the company to put more funds on a particular software. Overall WPC, Windows Phone 7 and Cloud dominated the week of Microsoft