Windows Phone 7 is the mobile operating system launched by Microsoft in the U.S. in October last year. Recently, an unexplained data upload trouble on some Windows Phone 7 devices by a few users was brought to notice. Users complained of some irregular data use that endangered to inflate users’ mobile phone bills.

Microsoft acknowledged the existence of problems in Windows 7 Phone that caused the platform-based smartphones to access data without user’s knowledge. The problems began to be reported at the beginning of the year when several users of devices with Windows Phone 7 complained that their phones were receiving and sending data without permission. Accordingly, their monthly bills increased considerably. When connected to a Wi-Fi network, it is reported that the Windows Phone 7 used 3G, with a possibility of inflating users’ phone bills.

The problem seems to strike 3G users and has caused lots to go over their monthly bandwidth limits. Microsoft officials said that third-party solution commonly accessed from Windows Phones is configured in a manner that may potentially cause larger than expected data downloads. The problem has apparently been fixed by Microsoft. Though it says that it is not responsible for the problem, the problem is the error of some strange third party software application.

Microsoft officials have spoken to the site  about what happened, saying their investigations blame a third party service. A spokesperson from Microsoft gave a detailed statement to; the spokesman notes that the failure only affected a small percentage of users of Windows Phone 7. Until the resolution of the problem Microsoft will also try to find alternatives to handle the situation, avoiding further harm to the already affected users.

According to Microsoft, the configuration of a solution of an outsourced service is causing the operating system to transfer many megabytes of data per day without an apparent use for this data. According to users, mostly Americans, the devices with the new Microsoft system were sending between 30MB and 50MB of data every day, which exceeded the plan for many of the acquired data provider.

To fix the error, Microsoft says it is in contact with the outsourced service to request the necessary changes to correct the problem. While promising, the company did not know a term for these changes.