Windows Phone 7 has been released on three separate mobile platforms in the U.S. which includes At&t, HTC and T-Mobile. The handsets offering the smartphone OS (Operating System) will cost around $200 inclusive of a two year wireless contract.

Other companies such as Dell and LG will be releasing handsets later this year. Release on Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel is scheduled for next year.

Windows Phone 7 seems to be certainly setting standards apart in terms of an efficient OS for smartphones. Unlike its predecessor- the windows mobile phone, Microsoft is set to release an OS that caters to the demands of third generation smartphones. However, it is too early to tell whether Windows Phone 7 will deliver to customer expectations or not. The only difference from the previous

Windows Phone 7 has seamlessly integrated its application such as hotmail, online Xbox services, social networking sites and other business applications that can be easily navigated on smartphones.

With its launch in the U.S. it is sure to make an impact of designing and integrating smartphone OS for the future.