Microsoft is working hard to release the update for its Windows Phone based operating system known as Windows Phone 7. This approach of Microsoft of launching the updates after considerable amount of usage of any of its products is quite old. People who have been using the Windows operating systems are well aware of what these updates carry within themselves and what all kind of issues are addressed in them. For example, the service pack of Windows XP added the firewall feature in XP which earlier was not there. Similarly, the update of Windows Phone 7 will also add new feature to the operating system and will also fix some of the known bugs and issues in this operating system. There have been news regarding this forthcoming updates name and it was concluded that this update is code named as Mango. Mango is supposed to include two very much required features in it and these features are – First: Support for HTML 5 and Second: Microsoft Silverlight Runtime. Though Microsoft is still working on the same and there has been no official statement regarding the same but the speculations are that Mango will include the two features for sure. Both these features will enhance the power of the internet browser available in Windows Phone 7 and will make it more compatible with the new HTML and Silverlight technologies. This will help the users to work on more and more web applications and destinations without facing the incompatibility issues.

HTML 5 is a technology which is similar to the Flash technology of Adobe. It can be considered more advanced and lightweight design of Adobe’s Flash. HTML 5 makes possible for the developers to design very clear and smart animations for the web and it has many more undisclosed features as far as coding and implementation is considered. It is the successor of widely used HTML and XHTML technologies which have not seen any update for years now and are on the verge of getting obsolete in front of many new technologies coming in. HTML 5 includes many new HTML tags for easily adding and playing the media and graphics on the web. It brings a universal platform for displaying media without the need of special APIs and other codec. It also makes easy for including rich text in the web applications and websites by giving place to many text related Tags in the coding. Error handling and execution has also been improved a lot in this newest version of HTML which is considered to be the parent language of all the websites. On the other hand Microsoft Silverlight is a Runtime environment for many media delivery platforms and other rich media applications on the web. This makes easy for the designers and developers to let users view the media on any platform and on any browser. Many web destinations use this technology for media sharing and streaming and browsers which don’t have support for the same fall short in displaying such media content.