From the beginning of the 21St century, companies linked to the world of technology have been trying to offer the best services to people and more specifically their customers are recently aiming for competing with one another to present the best quality of services at the most affordable rates. Nowadays the main focus has been to earn the maximum rate of customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that most of the companies, which are dealing with the supply of goods, and services related to technology, are improving their quality of products and the services in order to get the maximum amount of satisfaction rates. Again, they are doing so by implementing several tactics.

In this respect, one can always follow the steps of Microsoft, which has shown the world, how to capture the major share of the market in no time. In the case of Microsoft, they are implementing strategies of continuous innovation and improvisation with the products that they are trying to bring to the focus of their customers. Most of the products, which Microsoft has launched in recent days, have been quite elegant in their own way and they have never failed to capture the hearts of the customers who are fond of the products launched by this company.

Recently in one of the seminars which was being held in Barcelona, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced new features which will be launched for Windows Phone 7. There are several new features, which have been possibly added to Windows Phone 7 devices, which include faster browsing by the introduction of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) that would allow uploading videos and playing Flash videos on YouTube.

Ballmer also promised to bring the concept of using SkyDrive, which is an online hard drive where a person can store all of his important data and the concept of data stick or even memory card would possibly go obsolete. Other features which are to be incorporated in the phones that would support Windows Phone 7, include smart multitasking abilities and longer battery life with improved music and image browsing capabilities. The copy and paste functions are being introduced in the phones and the best part of the story is that the phones can connect to Xbox as well. The addition of Twitter is yet one greater feature.