Microsoft is the biggest software producer along with other technology products. Now they have entered in Smartphone market and now their Windows Phone 7 is set to be the fastest growing platform in 2011 according to some analysts.

They also said that Microsoft’s Windows phone 7 will be the fastest-growing platform in 2011. Windows phone 7 has its unique and very desirable take on the Smartphone user interface.

This analysis is also similar as other inputs from industry experts. This phone was launched on October 21 in Europe and November 8 in the US. Windows phone 7 marketplace recently passed 6,000 apps and they are continuing their momentum. Microsoft has more than 2,000 registered phone developers and Microsoft has promised them for payment in January also. As per the market estimation, also based on Facebook usage, they are expecting at least 120,00 devices to be sold. Microsoft also told that they have shipped around 1.5 million units to carriers worldwide. These are promising statistics for Windows phone 7 and also this is off to a good start. These numbers are looking really impressive for the future of Windows phone 7.

Microsoft is also mentioning now that they will launch an updated Windows Phone 7 OS in early 2011. Windows phone 7 is the key strategy point for Microsoft in the Smartphone market. Every one is expecting a bigger picture i.e. second bigger update in February at the Mobile World congress Show in Barcelona. In this update, it will include enhanced developer controls for applications and updated components. Microsoft is very keen to update the Windows Phone 7 OS performance wise and in the CES 2011, Microsoft was clearly indicating about the updates, they are going to do in the OS.

Microsoft is also planning to include the missing functionalities of copying and pasting in the new updates of Windows phone 7 OS. They are also promising better and improved gaming environment and marketplace also. They are very much interested in improved quality of its games and applications. At the CES 2011, WinRumors discussed mobile with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 team. They said in the CES that the first update will be for improved and better application start-up and resume times. Microsoft is also expected to build 7.0.7353.0 version of Windows Phone 7 at CES with some enhanced performance and qualities. Microsoft mentioned that they are expecting the new updates to be released in early February.

These updates are really important as Google’s Android is getting more exposure from consumers and also getting bigger deals with mobile companies.