Microsoft is facing issues related to their Windows Phone 7 operating system for mobile phones. Although, Microsoft is regarded as the inventor of tablets, with their very early presentations and offerings, many, many years ago, when neither Apple nor any other known international player had even thought of tablets, Microsoft appears nowhere near staging a comeback or providing an alternative to any of the competition, as of today.

With Apple, RIM, HTC, Sony and other companies, making waves in this area, Microsoft is still struggling with their new Windows Phone 7 platform. Although, Microsoft has had a history of major and stable re-entries into the markets, years after competition launched their products and platforms, in gaining world supremacy also, the smartphone platform is doing its rounds with bugs and fixes.

Over the last couple of months, Microsoft had appeared to a strong contender with their Windows Phone 7 platform, to take on the competition, starting from the CES 2011 and into the MWC 2011. However, problems faced by Microsoft on the Samsung smartphones, with their updates not performing, rather even making the Samsung smartphones not usable after the updates, have raised many eyebrows. The next blow came with the update to the Samsung problem, not working.

In February, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, had made various announcements regarding performance enhancement and the introduction of the cut-and-paste functionality, updates to the Windows Phone 7 platform, arriving by early March. The buzz in the market vide unconfirmed news items is that the updates have been delayed and could arrive somewhere around March 21st. After the introduction of Windows Phone 7-based devices in the US early November, Microsoft has yet to update basic functionality improvements, multitasking features and various other enhancements, including some like HTML 5 support.

In fact, multitasking feature in the operating system, probably codenamed “Mango”, insider reports claim may not be ready until early / mid 2012. All said and done, the Windows Phone 7 CDMA options also have not seen the light of day yet. Even with all these problems at the fore, user opinion of the Windows Phone 7 platform is good. Most users are very comfortable with the product, and generally seem to appreciate the social networking integration aspects and other simple Windows features existing.

With the Windows Phone 7 feature updates getting delayed further, and with rumors of the Microsoft Nokia collaboration agreements, reaching unforeseen levels and Nokia waiting for crucial feature enhancements, the Nokia – Microsoft venture is not expected to see the light of day with products in the market anywhere before mid 2012.