Last week, Microsoft had announced a latest addition for Windows Phone 7 that did not work appropriately on approximately 10 % of phones. This update was launched to organize the operating system for an added update which is supposed to be launched in next week. The rollout was re-initiated by Microsoft roughly after 10 days when they first tried to release this update. Although it was a relatively minor revision that was planned to assist future updates, it was also the first to be attempted for the Windows Phone 7 platform. For one out of 10 users, the first effort failed, especially for those who were using Samsung phones. On the Microsoft Answers forum, fresh reports from users began to surface soon after. In a blog post this Wednesday, Microsoft said that throughout the past week, the engineering team had identified and resolved the issues that were stopping a small share of Windows phones from installing the February software patch. Microsoft apologized for the long delay and further said that it continues to look for ways to improve the update process.

However, the major concern is that the fix still doesn’t fix things for some Samsung devices; and according to reports, a large number of people are still getting error messages. Though it is not close to 10 per cent of all Windows Phones anymore, it is not clear as to how many devices still continue to have problems.

Later, sources claimed that Microsoft had further updates regarding the information on the fix. The Company said that just about 100 customers throughout the world were encountering the issue, which was a miniscule number.

The full text of Microsoft’s update

In the full text of the Microsoft update, the company said that this week, they started to send the update for the month of February to extra customers around the world, adding 10 added carriers to the allocation list. Since then they had been taking care the rollout closely and that they carry on to improve on the 90 per cent success rate in spite of the enlarged scale of the distribution.

In continuation with what Microsoft added on the text, they had also found reports in the same week that a x     very less number of customers (100 users worldwide) were encountering a new issue while trying to install the February update, and that the problem only appears to prevent the update from installing. Microsoft said that they had spent the last 24 hours in examining the issue, and had recognized a work around for error code 800705b4. They praised the tolerance of their customers who were affected with this error and said that they would carefully continue to monitor the update rollout and would troubleshoot any issues that arise later.

A major question that arises now is whether Microsoft would go ahead with its plan to release the larger update next Wednesday. Known among users as ‘NoDo’, the update is already receiving great attention for adding copy-paste functionality, although Microsoft has said that it would also improve performance.