CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, at the Mobile World Congress 2011, announced that Microsoft will launch an update later this year and this much awaited update will add a lot to Windows Phone 7. The update will add Internet Explorer 9 to Windows Phone 7. Along with Internet Explorer 9 this update will also carry support for Twitter. After this update Windows Phone 7 will also be able to use the Skydrive computing functions. Steve said these updates will definitely please the customers along with the wireless carriers, its developers and also the mobile phone manufacturers who are powering their hardware with Windows Phone 7. Recently Microsoft has also gone through an agreement with Nokia and soon we will see some Nokia devices powered by the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

The Windows Phone 7 operating system was launched around an year ago and it has gained quite a large popularity and acceptability among the users and Microsoft is continuously trying to work on the same to improve the operating system and make it more and more user friendly. The major Windows Phone update which Steve Ballmer was talking about will release in the second half of this year, but a small update carrying the copy and paste functionality will come in the first week of March 2011. Ballmer also gave several demonstrations for the new upcoming updates and presented the videos telling how users would be now able to connect to the Skydrive for saving and retrieving their data. It all will be accessible by the same Windows Live ID and files saved on Skydrive from a desktop computer can be accessed from Windows Phone using the correct credentials. He also demonstrated the new Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) capabilities and features, and compared the speed and quick processing power of the new IE with its predecessors and other browsers. Though the demonstration of Internet Explorer version 9 was for the desktop version but similar version will be available for Windows Phone as well.

More highlights were given by Andy Lees, the president of Microsoft Mobile Communication Business. He said that Windows Phone 7 is soon going to enter the CDMA market, and will also come pre-installed in CDMA handsets. They have already ventured with Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel for their CDMA version and new devices will be coming in the market very soon. Tying up with Nokia is being seen as a very big deal because now many of the Nokia’s online services will get incorporated with Bing and this will also find its place in Windows Phone 7. Nokia has the largest share in the mobile phone market and now many of the smart devices manufactured by Nokia will be powered by the user friendly Windows Phone 7. With all these new ventures, updates and public demand, Microsoft seems to be very confident in growing Windows Phone 7 more and more and capturing the smart phone market.