Microsoft has officially declared that a product will be released by them for permitting Windows Phone 7-based smartphones to sync content with Apple Macintosh computers. The Zune software is required for syncing information between Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and computers. However, Microsoft makes only the PC version for the application.

Phones which are based on Windows Phone 7 were the first to offer an iTunes type experience for the Windows users. All photos, media, videos and music may be synchronized between the phone and the Zune software. Moreover, Zune offers the service subscription which permits the subscriber to access eight million to ten million songs.

If Microsoft prepared a full version for its Zune software, it will offer Mac owners who purchased Windows Phone 7-based smartphones the type of experience they will get with the iPhone, and in addition a service for subscription music, which cannot be found at Apple iTunes Store. In addition, the measure could gain some converts with respect to Microsoft’s media player Zune that has a two percent market share in comparison to Apple’s iPod line that has more than seventy percent of the share. Windows Phone 7 will commence networks at first on GSM only such as AT&T, which is contemplating the launching of three types of smartphones in the month between November and December, and then it will be found on networks like Verizon during the ensuing year and in this manner Windows Phone 7 will sync with Macs.