Security is perhaps that most essential aspect of a system. However, Windows 7 is still faced with the security issues. There are many users that are concerned whether Windows 7 already has the capabilities to stand against them. Currently, the Windows 7 system has been gathering good market feedback; however, the security issue remains as a determining power if such success would be achieved.

Security Issues

Now, the security issues include technical defect and operational blemishes. These concerns are real and should be given enough attention. In this context, Mac is brandishing that these security threats are not possible in their systems. Still, 4 per cent of computer users would not need to be complacent for there are still some research to be done on that.

Without getting into anyone’s side, there are actually about eight new viruses (out of ten) that can affect Windows 7 system. In fact, there may be some time that the company has made the system work without an anti-virus. Thus, they answered such with the free download of Security Essentials. This will provide some protection from looming threats.

Moreover, even if you would be using the new Windows 7 system and you keep it unprotected, you might as well be using the version used 10 years back. So, you would need the extra protection afforded by the Microsoft Company. After the download, just add an extra scan and check if there are corrupted files.

Growing Threats for Windows 7

At the same time, migrating to a new system, even if it seems like just an upgrade, have their advantages and disadvantages. Now, as a matter of fact, the people intending to migrate to the new system should consider these susceptibilities as real.

BitLocker drive-encryption is not present in other Windows 7 editions, only in the Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise editions. This means you would have to make sure that you buy this from a third party. The BitLocker drive-encryption may also need some work since it might require manual deployment and it might have lack of audit logging.

Say, you have used DirectAccess, you are in definite need to tighten your user restrictions as well as locking your screen. You are at risk of being hacked when you leave your computer even for a wink. Now, this is one risk that is too much to bear.

There are going to be lots of updates that would be going in with your Windows 7, you have to make sure that these updates are enough. Even before your next scheduled security assessment, you would have to make sure that you upgrade on your desktop security standards documentation. This is usually in the Microsoft Windows 7 benchmarks.

One last consideration is perhaps a more practical approach. This is especially true if you are in control of the business. Migrating into a new operating system would require time to control, maintain and keep up with your system. If the security threats are just the same, if not, higher, then you may very well be putting a greater risk to your systems and information. Thus, you may be increasing the business risks.