Although it is a well known fact that rebooting your Windows 7 PC is the option for going to the solution while any program is not shutting down or the system has started working in a different way, there is another option which can hold importance & can be more effective than this one. You can indulge in using the very powerful & result oriented Task Manager which will act as one of the major tools for trouble shooting & solve all the problems regarding Windows 7.

As far as the work of Windows Task manager is concerned it will let you have a very easy access for taking a look at the programs along with the services & the procedures which are running in your system at that point of time. Task manages can also be used as a very efficient tool for assessing your system’s performance & result along with the ability to completely close up the program that is not in the mode of giving you a response. Along with an efficient overview of the Network status, the task manager can let you connect with the local operating systems & their users respectively. If you are having more than one application open in Windows 7, the task manager will help you in executing it effectively by using the available memory volume of your system.

It is very user friendly & easy to operate. It looks like as if a duck is swimming on the pond. On the surface it is calm & quiet but under water it stirs its appendages fast & furiously. This is what the way goes with the Windows. It will do its work with prime importance to manage all the processes that are beneath & underlying. It will never let you down. Just like giving the perfect service at the perfect time. This is the time when you need to move towards the service of the Windows Task Manager. The process of starting the task manager is not as scary as it sounds like. In a very easy way you will be able to start it. Begin with pressing the Ctrl-Shift-Esc button followed by Ctrl-Alt-Del. Or you can select & Start the task manager operative mode. Go to the task bar after giving a click on the start button & type “task manager” on it. Follow the process by pressing the enter button. Give a right click anywhere & end the procedure by selecting Start Task Manager.

These are the different ways by which you will be able to start the Windows task manager application in the easiest way. After you start the process take a look at the bottom of the Task Manager. Make it sure that it hardly matters which tab you are viewing, it is going to give you a dashboard kind of a picture & the current number of processes that are on the run in your system respectively. As a trouble shooting tool, The Windows Task Manager will never cease to amaze you.