If the standard ‘Start’ menu, on your Windows Vista-based PC, only shows up items as links and you want them to display more information than that, you will find this article handy. Read on to learn the simple steps that you can apply in order to change the Start menu items to expanded menus. With an expanded view, you will be able to better view the different folders and files that are within the items and by viewing them all at one level, you will also be able to easily access them – they will be available to you just a call away. So, are you ready to know the steps yet?

The easy step solution to the above issue is as:

1. Right click on the ‘Start Menu’ and the click on ‘Properties’.
2. In the ‘Start’ menu tab, click on the ‘Customize’ button.
3. If you want to expand the Control Panel, select the ‘Display as a menu’ option under Control Panel and click on ‘OK’.
4. Click on ‘OK’ again.


In the same way, you can customize the other Start menu items as well such as the folders of My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, etc. To view how the expanded menu looks like, hover your mouse pointer over the folder in the Start menu and you can check it out right away.