If you have always thought that the Windows logon sound that is activated by default is the only audio you had stay with, think again. On your Windows XP-based PC, you can easily change the Windows logon sound, from the default one to one of your choice by just selecting a few options. If you have never tried this out, here is your chance to do so in just a jiffy.

Following are the steps that you can follow to change the Windows logon sound on your Windows XP PC.

1. Right-click on the ‘Volume’ icon in your taskbar and select ‘Adjust Audio Properties’.
2. Click the ‘Sounds’ tab and under the ‘Program Events’, scroll down and select ‘Windows Logon’.
3. Then select from a list of included WAV files you want to try out for the event under ‘Sounds’ dropdown menu.
4. Click on the ‘Play Sound’ button to preview how it will sound. If you’re happy with it click ‘OK’.


Wasn’t it simple? By following the same steps you can change the sound as many times as you want to suit your mood and preference. In addition, Windows XP lets you to assign different tones not just for alerting you on start up and shut down but for all other Windows events as well – such as when you receive an e-mail, when a program has loaded and so on…