Microsoft Corporation had recently announced that it will continue supporting its operating system, windows XP for at least another three years even as it develops its latest operating system, windows 8. The Windows XP operating system was first introduced in 2001.

Windows XP Hang Ups!

Even though the Microsoft Corporation has released its latest operating systems that are considered better than the older versions, some users are finding it hard to let go their old Windows XP operating system.  I am one of those users who just won’t let go my windows XP because I am still hanging on to some of its features. When it was introduced back in the 2001, I instantly liked it, just like the subsequent versions which also took my by surprise.  I had suspected that Microsoft would make such a move to finally get windows XP off the shelves but I did not think it would come this early.

Its successor, Windows 7 is currently riding high but even before the dust can settle, Microsoft has already announced its developing windows 8.  However, you would understandably expect that the company would try to phase out windows XP but giving it an extension of three years on the shelves comes as something to celebrate for lovers of XP.

The Extended Period

I heard about the proposed three years’ continuation from a recent CNN Money episode that stated the corporation was keen on leaving windows XP on the shelves for the extended period. The CNN Money episode as well spoke of the continuation of the option for windows XP predecessor users, the windows 7 users, to downgrade their operating systems to windows XP from the April deadline to October. However, changing it to two more additional years is good news as it means if you find using the newest operating systems from Microsoft difficult, you can just downgrade to the old and reliable windows XP. The extension of the option for downgrade has been tailored to culminate with the end of the sale cycle for XP’s successor, windows 7.

Speculation Over Windows 8 Features

If you have your records right, the sale period for windows 7 is expected to last between 2011 and 2014 if you use the company’s former sales cycle time frames. On the other hand, the development of windows 8 is still ongoing and the company is yet to announce an official release date, but that has not stopped leaks and speculations over the new windows 8 might bring into the market. Speculations over leaked reports indicate that the new windows 8 will have features so different from windows 7 in terms of landscape and others. There is reason to believe that the leak of the windows 8 power point presentation recently must have been a genuine application package in windows 8.

Experts are arguing that the Power Point Presentation must be a genuine and thus a product of windows 8 but again there are others who think the leaked application was a fake. However, the extension will serve its purpose right as fanatics for simplicity in operating systems continue using windows XP.