Many of you have been overtly dependent on Microsoft XP for your work. Even though Windows 7 is available in the market, but still on an average approximately 74% of users have been continuing using Windows XP. Recently, in an official statement Microsoft’s spokesperson Brandon LeBlanc announced the new policy of the company. Microsoft has decided that it will allow Windows 7 buyers to receive a downgrade option only until 2014.

Microsoft’s press release

Mr. Brandon LeBlanc on behalf of Microsoft stated that if they stop the downgrade option right now, it would confuse the buyers. Till the time Windows 7 is available in the market, this downgrade option can be easily used by business users. The option of downgrading to Windows XP will remain till Windows 7 Professional’s lifecycle (which ends in 2020). However, the users of Windows 7 will loose this option in the year 2015.

Windows XP has overstayed its welcome

Microsoft has a policy of discontinuing any software two years after its replacement has arrived in the market. However, Windows XP is one of the oldest software of the company with longest shelf life of 19 years. This has happened because business users are hugely depended on XP version, and are not ready to change. Many users are still wary about upgrading to Windows 7. The basic architecture changes which occurred in Vista, and stayed in Windows 7, is one of the reasons for such dependency. Several users now have to purchase complete replacements for both hardware and software.

Get ready for Windows 8

Microsoft repeated its policy terms, in its statement, of retaining software only for a fixed period after its replacement has been launched. Windows Vista will be offered in a stand alone boxed copy until October 22, 2010. PC builders may however preload it until October 22, 2011.
Windows 7 will depart from the market after Windows 8 is launched. Users can expect Windows 8 to hit the stands somewhere in 2011 or 2012. Till that time Windows XP will be completely withdrawn from the market. So you can count a timeline till 2013 or 2014, to use Windows XP.