There is a great excitement followed by uncertainty as three devices are launching in same month. Recently Apple has revealed their big iPhone and Android devices are also making news in market. Although it’s too late, Microsoft is entering next-generation of smartphones by launching Windows Phone 7. It is too early to say anything as comparison between their advantages and disadvantages is yet to be done. Smartphones like HTC EVO 4G, HTC Incredible and next generation iPhone 4, which is merely one week old, often make headlines. It gives the impression as if there are only two smartphone platforms in existence, Android and iPhone, which are not really on a top position yet.

In smartphone platforms, the highest position is still preserved by RIM with the great market share. Apple upholds next position that is followed by Microsoft. Even though, Android has been making remarkable business, it has made it to the fourth place. Market share of Microsoft is far better than that of Android; it is greater by around 40 percent. Business market is the only reason behind the inferior positions of most popular smartphone platforms like Android and iPhone.

RIM has proved its supremacy by establishing itself as a new name to mobile business communications. iPhone has also erased the line between business tool and consumer gadget. BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) provides management tools or infrastructure integration which is far better than that is offered by Apple and Google. There is a continuous split between business and consumer. Third position of Microsoft with market share of 15 percent is a proof for this split. Apart from the Windows Mobile 6.5, Microsoft has not achieved success in this field of smartphone platforms.  Although RIM and Microsoft are on top, they seem sluggish while Apple and Google are giving great competition to each other by inventing wonderful devices.

Microsoft started from base for reinvention of mobile strategy. It is the main reason for a late arrival of Windows Phone 7. It is not just a smartphone with some modifications in Windows Mobile 6.5. Windows Phone 7 is not just a tiny Windows PC; it is an OS platform that distinguishes a desktop PC from a smartphone. Microsoft claims that Windows Phone 7 offers a wonderful amalgamation of spontaneous touchscreen and all the exciting features that come with iPhone and Android devices. It is also provided with native applications and tight integration, which connect it with the Microsoft Server Infrastructure. Microsoft Server Infrastructure is the strength of network and communications architecture.

Like these good points, there are some hitches that limit its performance. As far as the true multitasking is concerned, Apple’s iPhone is much better than Windows Phone 7. Probably, it does not have function for copy-paste. There are some software and hardware limitations also which make Windows Phone 7 inferior to iPhone and Android. Overall, it is better to wait for arrival of Windows Phone 7 so that these three devices can be compared. By comparing and contrasting these devices, best one that fulfills maximum requirement can be decided. Hopefully, Microsoft will come up with a promising device that will compete with iPhone and Android devices.