As all know, Mac has been dominating market with their computers, which are equipped with all tools that any entertainer will require. These tools are applicable for almost all artists such as writers, designers, singers or music composers. Mac computer serves them all with its extra-ordinary and expedient features and tools. Microsoft has planned to smash this supremacy of Mac to smithereens by improving Windows7. Redmond Company has made its first move by attempting to change the traditional way to mix music. The purpose behind this move is to encourage DJs to replace Macs with Windows7 PCs.

Microsoft has collaborated with Darek Mazzone, who is the host of a radio show Wo’Pop that comes on Seattle’s KEXP. There are also three DJs in team on a recommendation of Darek Mazzone. To begin with, there is Dave Pezzner who is an electronic music composer as well as producer from Seattle. Talking about his work, he has produced over 45 remixes and vinyls. He has also given music compositions for popular shows like American Idol, Nordstrom and T-Mobile and the Discovery Channel too.

Next is Sabo from New York, who has released six EP on Sol*Selectas so far. Sol*Selectas is his personal record label. Moreover, he has credited success for a whole album on Irma Records and two 12’’ releases on Wonderwheel Recordings. Moving between genres like House, Afrobeat or Reggae is his thing of interest. Last but not the least, Deadbeat (Scott Monteith) is the third member of group. He is a Montre’aler from Berlin, who is working on combination with minimum electronics from 2000 under labels like Scape, Wagon Repair and Cynosure. The primary reason behind partnership with Deadbeat is that he is a music technology junkie, who has performed at Berlin’s Transmediale, Barcelona’s Sonar and Montreal’s Mutek.

This wonderful team has appreciated Windows7 PCs by employing them for their work. This Windows7 PC, with all exciting features, is termed as fully loaded Dell XPS 16. As stated by Microsoft, they not only distributed Dell PCs to all DJs, but also presented a collection of supporting tools like a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB audio interface, Flip Mino HD camera, Serato Rane SL3 DJ interface. This list also includes the Ableton Live 8 software suit, Novation Launchpad controller, Crane laptop stand and not so surprisingly Windows-branded T-shirt and DJ bag.

Although Windows7 Dell XPS 16 has embraced plenty of exciting features, there is a space for improvement. As the information received by Redmond Company, Windows7 is likely to be one of the brilliant concepts at Sonar, which is held at Barcelona. Microsoft assures to keep informing about utilization of Dell PCs by specially chosen DJs. They will let us know how these DJs are applying Dell PCs to mix music in order to please their audiences.

According to officials from Microsoft, user will be provided with interviews, tracks and extra content regarding music mixing. Overall it seems noteworthy but it has to be excellent to mute the supremacy of Mac. Hopefully Microsoft’s attempt of modernizing the classic techniques of mixing music will be successful. Comparison between Windows7 Dell XPS 16 and Mac computers will be obvious. So, Microsoft must take powerful steps to enhance these Dell PCs.