The BPO (business process outsourcing) of Wipro technologies has partnered with Microsoft corp. to offer LPO(legal process outsourcing) solutions for its intellectual property portfolio. Earlier in July 2008, Wipro started providing services such as trademark filling and U.S patent and docketing to Microsoft’s IP portfolio.

Previously Microsoft had a mix of outside law firms offshore vendors and house resources to perform IP services. With its extensive BPO experience, Wipro not only ensured efficiency but also consistency in the way Microsoft carries out its business.

In past two years, Wipro has created an impressive IP portfolio and has the capability for working in Microsoft’s vast IP portfolio. Microsoft and Wipro have developed improved domain expertise, case management and processes to further complete IP processes.

Wipro is trying to integrate the legal expertise with technology and process to reduce the cost for its clients. “In order to manage world’s largest and valuable portfolio the teams work with the in house teams,” said Shively the general manager at Microsoft.

“We have developed the LPO framework, tools, controls and metrics to drive productivity and reduce costs for Microsoft,” Joseph said.

Wipro will integrate its BPO’s legal expertise with process and technology to reduce overall legal costs of Microsoft’s clients.

“With our extensive BPO experience, international reach and global delivery capability, we will be able to ensure efficiency and consistency in the way Microsoft does business,” Jospeh added.

“Wipro will also continue to integrate legal expertise with process and technology to reduce overall legal cost for Microsoft clients,” the statement said.

“Our dedicated team at Wipro has become a fundamental component of our global patent operations function,” Microsoft’s general manager Martin Shively said.

According to the general manager of Patent Operations at Microsoft, Martin Shively, the committed Microsoft team at Wipro Technologies has turned out to be an essential part of the US computer technology conglomerate’s international patent operations.

Joseph said that the accomplishment of the collaboration is evidence of the innovation and commitment shown by the IP team of Microsoft and the LPO solutions experts at Wipro. He further said that in general his firm would carry on incorporating legal proficiency with process and technology with a view to diminish legal spends for its clients. In the meantime, both the tech giants continue to use the partnership to foster efficiency, innovation and cost control in the domain of LPO globally.