Gadgets are one of the important feature in the Windows 7 desktop, it is a mini program on the windows 7. Gadgets provides easy and ready access to information, which you access frequently, these are like news, weather information, search engines, picture slide shows, movies, etc. It is very popular for its continuous service procedure, for using these gadgets on your computer you can show the information that you need, you can also track your necessary information.

Customizing the Gadgets

If you want to customize desktop gadgets, then you have to change their settings, resizing, moving them anywhere and other changes. Windows 7 is the latest version of windows, it is packed with features and these will allow you to customize the look and function of your desktop. Gadgets are also allowing you to navigate very easily between open windows and programs.

1. At first you have to change the gadgets option by right click on the gadget which one you want to change and then click the options.

2. Now you have to resize your gadgets by using the right click on that particular gadgets, point the size of that gadget and then click the size option.

3. It is very important to keep gadgets always on top of your windows, you can do this by using the right click on the gadgets and then click always on top option.

4. You can move your gadget at any location of your desktop, by using the drag method, at first you drag your particular items and then select your new location for place the gadgets.

5. You can also move your gadgets in different monitor also by using the drag method. At first you drag your gadgets and then select the monitor for placing it.

6. Now, you have to search for the gadgets which one you want to installed in your computer. At first right click on the desktop and then select the gadgets and click. After that you can select your gadgets by using the search box option, you type your particular gadget on the search box and then find out your gadgets which one you want to installed.

7. By using the keyboard shortcut you have to bring your gadgets to the front place and create a tab through gadget by using a keyboard shortcut.

8. If you want to restore you gadget, then right click on your desktop and click the gadget option, now find out the particular gadgets which one you want to restore and after that click on the add button to restore the items.

9. If you want to hide the gadgets then click on the view point and then click on the shoe desktop gadgets to clear. Again you want to show the gadgets on your desktop then again click on the view option and find out your gadgets and click on the show desktop gadgets.

For quicker access of your staff, manage open windows easily, share files folders, connect to network easily all these regular work you can easily handle with the gadget feature of Windows 7.